Flour Fun

I was yet again in need of a simple activity that would distract my son while I cooked dinner. Something that was easy to throw together, not necessarily a breeze to clean up (I just wanted to distract him while I cooked), and not something I had to hover over.

Well, we were in the kitchen weren’t we? Surely there was something I could dig up. A bag of flour ended up being  just what I needed. I sprinkled some onto the table of his high chair, added a bit of water for texture, and then turned back to making dinner. The room was filled with laughter, and I was satisfied with being able to get through the task at hand. Sure, the mess in the end wasn’t the easiest to clean up, but I personally thought it was worth it. Sometimes these things in life are all about surviving the moment. In that moment I needed to get dinner done and my son needed some stimulation. Eventually there was another moment where I needed to clean up the flour, but that was after I was able to sit down to my much needed dinner.

You may want to wait on this activity until you know for sure how your child reacts to wheat!


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